Pineapple & Orange Juice Drink

Full of health and taste, BVitas's Pineapple & Orange Juice is a pack of natural vitamins. With no artificial flavours in the picture, this juice not only holds all the health benefits of the fruit but also the mouth watering taste of top-quality juicy Orange & Pineapples. Offering a plethora of health benefits for your heart, blood, eyes and lungs, a glass full of this product everyday will give you a part of your daily dose of nutrition and help you take a dip in the stunning taste of absolutely fresh fruit juice.

Pineapple & Orange Juice Drink

Juice Drink

202/200/113 * 504

250 mL

3 Ply Corrugated Box with 230 GSM Duplex Board with 4 Colour Printing

325mm * 225mm * 140mm

24 Cans in a single Box (4 * 6 matrix)

7.50 Kgs

6.00 Kgs

250 mL * 24 Cans = 6 Ltrs

3100 Ctns / 20ft FCL