Passion Fruit Juice Drink

The temptingly tangy taste of Passion fruit along with the quality and trust of BVitas's authentic products, this juice is the perfect kick starter for your day. With no artificial flavour, and abundance of health benefits especially for people suffering from sleep and blood pressure issues. Giving your mouth a burst of the rich exotic taste of passion fruit, and high nutritional value, this juice is a sure shot favourite for all generations. The irresistibly juicy taste of fresh passion fruit seeds is bound to take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride.

Passion Fruit Juice Drink

Juice Drink

202/200/113 * 504

250 mL

3 Ply Corrugated Box with 230 GSM Duplex Board with 4 Colour Printing

325mm * 225mm * 140mm

24 Cans in a single Box (4 * 6 matrix)

7.50 Kgs

6.00 Kgs

250 mL * 24 Cans = 6 Ltrs

3100 Ctns / 20ft FCL